Why do I paint pets?

I love animals. Pretty much all kinds – and especially baby animals! I have always found it so amazing that we can be in our home, alone, yet have four-legged furry creatures walking around.  I talk to my cats – all of the time!  🙂  And yes, they answer me.  I don’t speak cat, so I can’t tell you for sure what they are saying, but I choose to believe it’s all very positive about what a great cat mom I am.

So, why PAINT pets? Because they are an amazing part of our lives!  Companion animals are incredible. Working companion animals are awe-inspiring. K9 dogs literally are life savers, as are many service dogs/animals. But what brings it all together?  The relationship. That’s it – the bond we have with these God-given furry creatures.

We don’t speak the same language. We don’t eat the same food (usually!).  We don’t have the same behaviors.  Yet we love unconditionally. Even mistreated animals become beloved companions when treated with love. And I love portraying that relationship, that bond, through paint. Photos are great but there’s just something about that special picture you want immortalized in paint.  The expression, the light in their eyes – I love watching it come to life!