Beautiful Ways to Memorialize a Beloved Pet

Losing a furry companion is awful. That unconditional love, joyful spirit, and just company is so important!  No one can quite sum up the relationship between animal and human – truly it is a very special, unique bond.

 A lot of my commissions come from grieving pet parents who want a special way to remember their beloved companion. A piece of original art is a great way to keep their spirit foremost in your surroundings. But every relationship is unique, and maybe a painting doesn’t quite fit your relationship. Here are a few great ideas to celebrate the life and times of our four-legged friends.

  • Create a Memorial Album.  There are many ways to do this, digitally or with actual photos. One photo really doesn’t tell the story, but their spirit can be captured in an album. Just selecting the photos will bring back memories of the best times you shared. Go back to puppy pictures, silly pictures and duo selfies on your phone, the random everyday photos you may have. Creating captions and adding descriptions will weave the story you can share with your family and friends.
  • Contributions. Maybe you would like to “pay it forward,” and make a charitable contribution in your pet’s name.  Did they love specific people or kids? Did you adopt from a shelter? Did they suffer from a specific ailment?  Did they love your vet?  A contribution can be something general or specific, ranging from a donation to the Animal Humane Society or research for canine/feline cancer.
  • Plant New Life. It may be the actual spot where they are buried, or a symbolic area in your yard, select a plant or tree in their honor.  Mark it with a custom plaque, and this becomes a reminder of that wonderful companion.
  • Commissioned Art. We return to the piece of original art. You furry companion was a permanent fixture in your home.  A unique, custom piece of art based on a photo is a way to bring a smile of remembrance every day.  

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