About Agape Art Creations

Agape [ah-gah-pey, ah-guh-pey, ag-uh-]
1. the immeasurable love of God or Christ for humankind.
2. the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for humankind.
3.unselfish love of one person for another.

“Agape” is the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. This term defines God’s immeasurable, incomparable love for humankind. It is the divine love that comes from God. Agape love is perfect, unconditional, sacrificial, and pure. I chose Agape Art Creations as the name of my shop as I hope to share this love through my painting. Animals are so much a part of our lives and they love unconditionally. I want to celebrate that relationship. My work is from the heart – I love watching your pet come to life in paint! These precious works of art make for great gifts, wonderful memories, and bring joy to your walls.

Creation is all around us, and is beautiful! I would be honored to share my creations with you!